It’s time again for a new season of Fortnite! All of us at TMG have been playing this game since before Battle Royale existed and nothing pulls us back in like a new shiny season! This time the theme is a heist so expect lots of treasures, fancy new points of interest (POI), and EXPLOSIONS!

Shiny New LOcations

Eclipsed Estate, Sanguine Suites, and Relentless Retreats bring some new flavor to the map. These strongholds are bases are filled with valuables stashed there by the season’s new antagonist, a vampire named Kado Thorne. In addition to these Fortnite locations, Thorne has taken over Rumble Ruins, Slappy Shores, and a tower in MEGA City.

Did I mention explosions?

As always, a new season means new things that go BOOM! And this season is no exception. Most notably a new weapon called the Rocket Ram is being introduced to get  you in or out of a base.  I’m interested to see what sort of effect this will have and if I’ll be able to tear down buildings like I got accustomed to doing with Hollow Purple. 

Making another appearance from the vault is the handy dandy Remote Explosive. Can’t say I used this item a bunch in the past but it definitely fits this season’s theme. I’m sure my teammates will try their best to find a way to attach these to each other instead of walls.

What I'm excited to see

There’s several weapons I’m eager to try out this season. The Twin Mag Assault Rifle, the MK7, and of course, the unvaulted Suppressed Sniper Rifle. I’m also interested to use the new augments and see which ones possibly replace favorites from last season.

What I'm Dreading

One item in particular is coming this season and it’s a briefcase.. that’s a turret! The Business Turret auto-locks onto nearby enemies and fires. I’m curious to see what the range and accuracy on this item will be but just like the introduction of the Explosive Repeater, I’ll probably loathe it at the beginning and come to love it after a week. But who knows, maybe I’ll just hate it and sit somewhere with my sniper rifle well out of range all season! 

Join the fray

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